Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Video Link

The Barrier Sleeve was designed to make the job of erecting and dismantling temporary fencing extremely easier for those in need of a quick barrier for different projects or events. This innovative patented product is gaining popularity in the fields of construction, sporting events, ski resorts, outdoor tournaments, and other areas where crowd control and safety are a big need.
R.K. Products is in the first year of a 20 year patent with this product and is excited with the positive feedback it has received and reorders from various sales in a number of different markets.
Erecting barrier fencing can be a labor intensive job using traditional methods with wire and zip ties. Using these age old methods damages the fence and leaves the user with a “one time” barrier, not to mention the labor of fixing and sewing torn areas damaged by the wire and zip ties.
The Barrier Sleeve eliminates these problems and leaves the user with a barrier fence that can be used over and over again. The sleeves are made of a high density polyethylene material and R.K. has added an ultra violet inhibitor to withstand damage from the sun. The sleeves are made with three clips and slide directly over metal t-post to create an easy to use hanger for barrier fencing. The clips are designed for quick and easy fastening.  "It is important to note that when using T-post we ask the user to have the bottom of the T facing the installer with a slight turn counterclockwise (approx 5 o'clock). This will ensure ease of inserting clip".This process streamlines the traditional method and actually leaves the user with the option of leaving the sleeves on the fence during breakdown for even easier erection on the next job. Click the video and watch for yourself.